Sudden Lake, Dikembe Press – January 2017

Available at Dikembe Press

Full Meal, BOAAT Press – January 2015

Winner of the 2014 BOAAT Chapbook Prize – Free PDF

Am Rhein, Burnside Review – January 2013

Winner of the 2012 Burnside Review Chapbook Contest – Available at Burnside Review

Correct Animal, Octopus Books – July 2011

Available at Small Press Distribution and Octopus Books

REviews of Correct AnimalShawn Kemp CarwashVouchedNew PagesBlack Ocean Micro Review Monday, Rain Taxi (print edition), The Disinhibitor, Cold Front, No Tells, and Country Music: An Online Journal of Poetry.

American Lit, Dancing Girl Press – May 2011

Available at Dancing Girl Press