Am Rhein

Publisher: Burnside Review
Pub Date: January 2013
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Correct Animal


Publisher: Octopus Books

Pub Date: July 1, 2011

ISBN: 9780980193862


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and Octopus Books

“Birth, life, and death in the same section, the same poem, is that not enough for you?” —Joshua Ware at Shawn Kemp Carwash

“These small words pack a heavy punch and have a broad wingspan, they take off and pay you no mind.” —Vouched

“Correct Animal is a wonderful example of poetry that believes in the power of a single word, of single words in accumulation, Farivar churning up thematic potency … by holding our heads in her hands, by swaying, by calm.” —J.A. Tyler at New Pages

“All I want to do is synchronize my movements with this animal.”
—A. Minetta Gould at Black Ocean Micro Review Monday

Additional reviews/mentions in Rain Taxi (print edition), The Disinhibitor, Cold Front, No Tells, and Country Music: An Online Journal of Poetry.

American Lit

Publisher: Dancing Girl Press

Pub Date: May 2011

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